To Investors

The credit resources required for the operation of the Company are provided by shareholder’s investments in the amount of 1,5 million EUR, and by a bank loan and assets borrowed via bonds. The total nominal value of bonds issued by AgroCredit Latvia on June 2016 is EUR 10 million. The nominal value of one bond is EUR 5000, the annual interest rate is 7%. Bounds were included in a public market of Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange on August 2016. Purchasing bonds issued by AgroCredit Latvia is a good way to place free financial resources for fixed annual return rate.

In order to ensure more rapid operational growth of the Company and to increase the credit portfolio we are continuously interested to allocate new capital. For bigger financial investors we offer individual solutions for placement of free money resources.

Several factors determine the security of loans:

– The credit policy executed by the Company is conservative and credit portfolio quality indicators are on a high level;

– Management and employees have long-term experience in providing loans to clients in agriculture industry;

–Company has worked for several years already and its financial situation has continuously improved;

–Company’s operation is verified by the sworn auditor who provides own conclusion on this matter. SIA AgroCredit Latvia audited annual reports;

– Agriculture is one of the leading export industries in Latvia and its representatives are characterized by good loan payment culture.